Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Processing of Emotion for Birth Parents

Real Alternatives exists to provide life-affirming options to women working through an unexpected pregnancy. Real Alternatives provides compassionate care to women. Trained counselors discuss parenting, and share information about adoption. By listening to women and understanding a woman’s hopes, fears and dreams, Real Alternatives helps pregnant women at a very vulnerable period in her life.  
Some women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy may not feel as though they are ready to parent a child, some lack resources, some don’t want to be alone in raising a child. For women seeking a way to provide for their child, adoption is a loving choice, another way of parenting their child. Many birth mothers who chose adoption will opt to have an open adoption. The birth mother will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive parents. The birth mother and the adoptive parents will have the opportunity to meet prior to the birth of the baby. This period of getting to know each other greatly eases fears and anxieties faced by both the birth mother and the adoptive parents. It is not uncommon for birth mothers and adoptive parents to be anxious about meeting each another and wanting to be liked. 

Choosing the adoptive family has a very positive impact on the process. The birth mother will find comfort in knowing who is caring for her child. Sometimes, depending on the open adoption agreement, a birth mother may receive pictures of the baby and sometimes post-placement visits. This allows a birth mother to be reassured that her child is thriving in a loving environment. This is exactly what a birth mother wants for her child. 

Adoptive parents often express sincere gratitude to the birth mother and recognize her sacrifice. 

Ultimately, women who choose adoption, do not choose adoption out of selfishness but choose adoption out of selflessness.