Monday, October 3, 2016

Employment at a Nonprofit

A nonprofit organization created to support women throughout pregnancy and beyond, Real Alternatives opened its doors in 1996. Real Alternatives relies on an approved network of nonprofit community agencies to help it provide pregnancy and parenting support services for its clients. Over 285,000 women in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan have been provided compassionate care over the last 20 years through these Real Alternatives programs.

Nonprofit agencies, by definition, must provide a particular benefit to the public, and often further educational and or charitable causes. Real Alternatives programs do just that. Funding the work of hundreds of counselors throughout the three states, as well as volunteers, salaried employees serve as the backbone of a nonprofit, facilitating volunteers and creating organization and focus to advance the mission of the cause. For those with government contracts, salaried employees ensure contract compliance, high program performance and accountability for taxpayers.

Nonprofit employee salaries are often less than those of a for-profit counterpart. In cases where the nonprofit employs more than 100 people and involves government contracting, there is more parity in salaries between nonprofit and for-profit jobs. Additionally, despite the tax exempt status of nonprofit organizations, all employment taxes are still withheld from employees' earnings.

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