Monday, November 19, 2018

Real Alternatives Encourages Fathers in the Support Network

With offices in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan, Real Alternatives partners with state social service agencies to provide free counseling and support to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies. Real Alternatives has worked since the 1990s to offer a commodity often in short supply - compassionate, warm, personalized care delivered without judgment and with the goal of helping women choose life and become self-sufficient for the benefit of themselves and their babies.

The organization also encourages family members and loved ones of the woman experiencing the unexpected pregnancy to provide emotional and physical support to her. Among other things, it provides information on its website about how to better support a friend, daughter, or girlfriend as she struggles to cope with an unplanned pregnancy.

Information directed to male partners focuses on providing the same type of nonjudgmental advice that will help them to be better listeners and active participants in their girlfriends’ and children’s lives.

The biological father of the pre-born baby can be a much-needed anchor during this stressful time in his girlfriend’s life by simply allowing her to talk, helping her with practical needs such as rides to prenatal appointments, and participating in financial planning during the pregnancy and for the baby’s ongoing needs.

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