Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tips for Supporting Your Partner During Pregnancy

Supporting Your Partner Diring Pregnancy
Through 144 centers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana, Real Alternatives provides compassionate, nondiscriminatory support and services to pregnant women and new parents. In addition to helping women through pregnancy, Real Alternatives operates a nonjudgmental hotline service (1-888-LIFE-AID) to help expecting fathers through the process. Upon learning that they're going to be fathers, many men may feel anxious, shocked, and afraid. Reaching out and discussing their feelings is important, as is finding ways to show their expecting partners that they care. The qualified counselors on the Real Alternatives hotline can help soon-to-be-fathers accurately express their emotions with their partners and provide guidelines to ensure that the new mothers’ needs are met throughout the pregnancy. This will require patience and understanding, and new mothers will feel more confident knowing that their partners are going through the process with them. For additional guidelines, visit realalternatives.org. Real Alternatives also offers a Spanish-language website, https://www.realalternatives.org/es/home-es/.

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