Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New STD Report Underlines Need to Practice Chastity

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that new cases of sexually transmitted diseases cost the US health care system nearly $16 billion a year. About 20 million new cases of STDs are reported in the United States annually, and as many as half of those are among young people ages 15-24, according to the report. We need to be concerned about 26 known sexually transmitted infections that can turn into incurable diseases that cause cancer, infertility, or death. Some may mistakenly think that using a condom completely protects themselves.

Though condoms provide some protection, they do not eliminate the risk completely. This is a dangerous and unhealthy situation in the middle of a medically known epidemic of sexually transmitted infections. The possible exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is tremendous. However, without a doubt, the safest and healthiest way to simultaneously eliminate the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and an unplanned pregnancy is by recognizing the value and necessity of living a chaste lifestyle in today's society. The Healthiest Choice: Based on the serious dangers of today's sexually transmitted infection dangers, medical science and common sense have shown that the healthiest choice for young adults is to live a chaste lifestyle by abstaining from sexual activity until marriage. By being informed of the dangers of a risky sexual lifestyle and the advantages of living a chaste lifestyle, you can effectively lower or prevent the risk of an unplanned pregnancy and/or becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection which can lead to disease. You can do this by: First, delaying initiation of intercourse; Second, reduce the number of partners you have if you are already sexually active; and Third, decrease the frequency of intercourse you have if you are already sexually active.

Accomplishing anyone of these goals logically results in a reduction in the risks of pregnancy, births, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Science has shown that there is only one way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and from becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection and disease....that is by practicing chastity resistance skills learned in chastity education. Anyone who is sexually active should be regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases and obtain treatment, if infected. Screening and awareness help to prevent the spread of STDs, and early diagnoses can lead patients to obtain treatment before long-term health issues develop.

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